About Us

Owners: Karen & Selena

Karen and Selena have known each other for 10 years. From coworkers to friends, they have a combined experience of over 20 years in the bartending industry, with many of those years spent in management positions. The Whiskey Girls Saloon initially started out as a dream, so when opportunities arose to turn that dream into a reality, they jumped on it. Karen and Selena wanted a bar that reflected everything that they knew made a bar great: large drink selections, local brews, friendly and knowledgeable staff, non-smoking and clean facilities, live music, and a place where everyone – regardless of their background – felt welcome. Finding that Manor, Texas didn’t have any bars with all of these attributes, they chose a location and went to work. It took 14 months to turn their dream into reality, and in October of 2020, they opened their doors to the public.

Friend, Business Partner, and Investor: Doug Renshaw

Doug Renshaw is the man solely responsible for Karen and Selena first becoming coworkers, then friends, then business owners. When Karen and Selena approached him with their idea to open a bar, Doug readily agreed to invest in it. He’s the one who gave the bar its name – The Whiskey Girls Saloon – based on Karen and Selena’s preference for whiskey. Sadly, Doug never got to see the final construction of the bar, as he passed away due to complications from Covid a couple of weeks after the bar opened. Karen and Selena continue to honor his memory and his faith and confidence in their dream.